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 METROHO Teams | Glory Tournament
1.The Hostile Takeover
2.The Broken Elbows
3.The Fifth Element
4.The Longhorns of Ottawa
5.The Pirate Hookers
6.The Hardcores
7.The Green Services
8.The Warm Kittens
9.The Leaf Dogs
10.The Pinnacle Bandits
11.The Kentucky Squirrels
12.The Sydney Ice Dogs
13.The Fearless Fifteen
14.The PIAS Shamrocks
15.The Brutal Kids
16.The Valley Crushers
17.The Kingston Blod Corgys
18.The Golden Bret
19.The Twittos
20.The .Pwners
21.The Sept-Iles Canadiens
22.The Random Name #42
23.The VKH Cobalts
24.The Philly Cheesesteaks
25.The Witness Protectees
26.The Evans City Zombies
27.The Sheep Herders
28.The Cook Islands Copra
29.The Pioneers
30.The Hamilton Coke Ceasars
31.The Motley Crew
32.The Jaguars Of Justice
33.The Designated Drinkers
34.The Alpha-Omega
35.The Mariusz
36.The Charming Outlaws
37.The Peterborough Petes
38.The Eureka Polarbears
39.The Ice Picks
40.The Oakland Athletics
41.The Esposito Black Hawks
42.The Portuguese Bullies
43.The Rufnex
44.The Fire Sniper
45.The Santa Rosa Sharks
46.The Montreal Moose
47.The XxJackatarxX
48.The Canines
49.The Waterloo Ratpak
50.The Myers Riders
51.The Black Jagrs
52.The Fusion
53.The Zombie Island
54.The Columbus Chaos
55.The Cali Desert Storm
56.The New Bedford Hax
57.The Brooklyn Occult
58.The St. Thomas TomCats
59.The Anarchy 99
60.The Cretaceous Dinosaurs
61.The Flaming Jaguars
62.The Short Pants Boy
63.The BDD HC
64.The Deccan Chargers
65.The LarryLetdowns
66.The Black Forest ICE
67.The C-Town Bruins
68.The Garson Butterflies
69.The SabreCats
70.The Eldar
71.The Raging Orange Jaguars
72.The Billion Dollar Babies
73.The Seattle Falcons
74.The Berlin Panzers
75.The Red Machine
76.The BCV Penguins
77.The CSI Metalloids
78.The Happy Checkers
79.The Breakaways
80.The Oysters
81.The Portuguese Whimps
82.The Tridents
83.The Golden Spittoons
84.The Iron Winged Nuts
85.The Outlaws
86.The Bathurst Buccaneers
87.The Lunch Pail A.C.
88.The Lively Hawks
89.The Blade Runners
90.The Longerwood Enzytes
91.The CDH Raiders
92.The Ice Samurai
93.The Cat Sass
94.The Prairie Thunder
95.The Nyack Rangers
96.The TBay Champs
97.The Doomstadt Von Dooms
98.The Manta Rays
99.The Minnow Lake Gangs
100.The nurses
101.The Lowell Lynx
102.The 1200 Micrograms
103.The Russian Rockets
104.The Trapped Bros.
105.The Hesston Larks
106.The Wine Drinkers
107.The LBI Beach Bums
108.The Okanagan Nighthawks
109.The Tents
110.The Gamehenge Danksters
111.The Gomez sucks
112.The Chili Peppers
113.The CV Vikings
114.The Luxembourg Tornado
115.The Puck Fiends
116.The Baltimore Skipjacks
117.The Roman Legionnaires
118.The Irish Carbombs
119.The Columbia Coke Cartel
120.The Public Servants
121.The Bad Mutha Puckas
122.The Eminem Show
123.The Rinky Dinks
124.The Dalhousie Braves
125.The Sniper Beebop
126.The Harlem GoldOtters
127.The Mirabel Challengers
128.The Slingin' Dirt
129.The Ice Wraiths
130.The Quebec Inhumans
131.The Black Horses
132.The Wild Wolves
133.The Bad Axe Hatchets
134.The Athens Bobcats
135.The All of the Lights
136.The Seattle Sparrows
137.The Better Check Yourself
138.The Wild Bulldozers
139.The Hounds
140.The Yetis
141.The NB Seahawks
142.The Menno Nites
143.The Kansas Hawkeyes
144.The Pisstanks
145.The Toronto Wolves
146.The SJ Sharks HC
147.The Slipery Oils
148.The Imperial City Guard
149.The Hans Molemen
150.The Brompton Cocktails
151.The Vancouver Orcas
152.The 89 Flames
153.The Dn't Toews Me
154.The Bac Lieu
155.The Excaliburs
156.The Anglish Icelore Guild
157.The Sudbury Northmen
158.The Paladins
159.The Bronco
160.The Stouffville Red Wings
161.The Bonesaw Pyros
162.The DC Knights
163.The ChoRoBots
164.The Edmonton Crash
165.The Speed Demons
166.The Grand Wazoo
167.The Savage Geese
168.The Slappers3
169.The Bathurst Ratkings
170.The Lostprophets
171.The Flying Finns
172.The captain shrimp
173.The Beantown Brawlers
174.The Kansas City Wildcats
175.The Sweaty Jocks
176.The MV Prowlers
177.The sLiperyoiil l2
178.The Steel Mt. Magpies
179.The San Diego Lightning
180.The Georgia Crush
181.The Blue Dragons HC
182.The OCN Blizzard
183.The Coyotes
184.The Permafrost
185.The Draveurs
186.The Fire Demon Jaguars
187.The Rickrolls
188.The Scotts
189.The Seattle Totems
190.The PuckNolds
191.The Matt Cooke Suspension
192.The Bee Solution
193.The Iron Fisted Jaguars
194.The Zewski Zippers
195.The Omaha Lancers
196.The Sudbury Dicemen
197.The Guelph Storm
198.The Outfit
199.The Markham Mayhems
200.The Buffalo Puckhandlers
201.The Claws
202.The Sudbury Flames
203.The DangleSniperCellys
204.The Bayside Bullies
205.The Downtown Calientes
206.The Timmy's
207.The Beny Jets
208.The Smokers
209.The blades of life
210.The CopperKings
211.The Chi Eagles
212.The JS Snipers
213.The Batavia Ramparts
214.The Parkhill Rockers
215.The Cementheads
216.The Sting Rays
217.The Moon Hipsters
218.The Lemieux
219.The Purswaders
220.The Doom
221.The Hunting Wolves
222.The Salt Lake City Eagles
223.The NJ Guido Punchers
224.The White Mt. Ice Birds
225.The Manitoba Jets
226.The New World Order
227.The Vermilion Raiders
228.The Black Aces
229.The Green Onions
230.The Atlantis
231.The Gorilla Chest Hairs
232.The Bathurst Bruins
233.The SeaNammers
234.The Wyverns
235.The Catalina Winemixer
236.The Kicking Mules
237.The Boring Ones
238.The Ripples Rippers
239.The Shickawgo Blackhawks
240.The Brampton Argonuts
241.The Forums Are Waiting!
242.The Sin City Mobsters
243.The Coulson Cardinals
244.The Rhode Island Coons
245.The BobsUncles
246.The Double Blues
247.The Lion de St J?rome
248.The Guardians of Asgaard
249.The Puck Ewes
250.The Silver Dollar Jaguars
251.The Kreators
252.The Teranna Maypoll Leefs
253.The Regent Square Goons
254.The Insulaires de Hull
255.The Winded
256.The PHX Coyotes
257.The Boston Ballbreakers
258.The Burgh Bangers
259.The captains
260.The Skanks
261.The Canadian Rampagers
262.The Moose Titans
263.The Phoenix Roadrunners
264.The S.M.A.G Wolves
265.The Prairie Fire
266.The Oneida Indians
267.The Avenged Racers
268.The Inglewood Maple Leafs
269.The BWF Citadels
270.The Walking Dead22
271.The Totems
272.The EHO's
273.The Parkland Strays
274.The Bbors
275.The Philadelphia Thrash
276.The BackCheckers
277.The Crimson Tide
278.The Blue Foxes
279.The Kootney Wolverines
280.The Blimps
281.The Mobtown Hooligans
282.The _Vipers_
283.The Mighty Duckz
284.The Toronto Knighthawks
285.The Energy Monster
286.The Habs Rule
287.The LA Lakers
288.The Red Army
289.The Montreal Comets
290.The Cruxis
291.The Exp0s
292.The Misanthropes
293.The Newton Express
294.The New York Monsters
295.The kincora canucks
296.The Crooked Arrows
297.The Terrana Murple Leefs
298.The Ice Vultures
299.The Amazing Wampus Cats
300.The Moscow Red Wolves
301.The Nexuris
302.The Montreal Expos
303.The Bob Sagets
304.The Missing Lynk
305.The Yarrmouth Pirates
306.The Kirkland Duffers
307.The Golden Jaguar
308.The NW Indiana All Stars
309.The Infected Mushrooms
310.The Gutter Sluts
311.The Kamloops Blazers
312.The Hammer Railers
313.The Hamburglars
314.The Riverside
315.The Chesterfield Cougars
316.The Windsor Wolverines
317.The Syracuse Bulldogs
318.The Grim Reapers
319.The Tiger Williams
320.The Cape Breton Lobster
321.The Nordics
322.The Hartford Spartans
323.The Puck Mastas
324.The Sherbrooke Snakes
325.The Yellowstone Wolves
326.The Acadie-Bathurst Titan
327.The Dryden Devils
328.The Hagerstown Devils
329.The Opponents
330.The flyers88
331.The Boston Bruinz
332.The Dallas Staaars
333.The Grey Wardens
334.The Funkee Homosapiens
335.The Carolina Frozen Heels
336.The Marshmallows
337.The Mongoose
338.The Regina Maple Leafs
339.The Little Pucks
340.The Farmteam
341.The Dunblane Bullets
342.The Iowa wild
343.The Truckstoppers
344.The Men of Gondor
345.The New England Whalers
346.The Belledune BeLeafs
347.The Lil' Jack Pumpkins
348.The DPC Veterans
349.The Red Mt. Lava Birds
350.The Qc Chiefs
351.The Kanata Catfish
352.The Buzzards
353.The Nvrsofters
354.The Iraq Mafia
355.The Tatooine Rebels
356.The Uncle Pauls
357.The Ragers
358.The Paris Ballbreakers
359.The Ursa Majors
360.The Sam93Sean23Johnny13
361.The Devil Vikings
362.The Kitimat Ice Demons
363.The Redcoats
364.The Requiem
365.The Coniston Comets
366.The East York Shadowstorm
367.The Actinopterygii
368.The Toronto Rock
369.The Terrible Turtles
370.The Atomics
371.The Burnaby Thunders
372.The Gerv's
373.The Sin City Xtreme
374.The Waterloo Black Hawks
375.The Jackals
376.The Bababooeys
377.The Djibouti Boots
378.The Exploding Oranges
379.The Unkown Unkowns
380.The BillsMaster
381.The UNSC Spartans
382.The Angelducks
383.The Rifles
384.The Light Fantastic
385.The Grovers
386.The Napalm Death
387.The Saumurs
388.The New York Tiny People
389.The flying canadians
390.The Washington Jaguars
391.The Moose Nuggets
392.The Tundra Yetis
393.The vindacators
394.The Dr. Peppers
395.The Funnel Clouds
396.The Toronto Raid
397.The High Flying Jaguars
398.The Game Winners
399.The Cornwall Aces
400.The Plague
401.The Slapnuts
402.The Aardvaaarks
403.The Impacts
404.The Kansas City Outlaws
405.The Feddy's
406.The GOAT Farmers
407.The Bosheepus Supreme
408.The Silly Sunda Colugos
409.The Colorado Penguins
410.The Crystal Palace
411.The Organicz
412.The Bedtime Toddlers
413.The Fellowship
414.The Green Lantern Corps
415.The New Jersey Spades
416.The Karjalan karhut
417.The Winter Hawks
418.The C.H. storm
419.The Pepsi King
420.The Kyoto Katamuitame
421.The Cormorant
422.The River Bears
423.The Utica Comets
424.The Seattle Wolves
425.The Seattle Thunder Birds
426.The Swamp Donkeys
427.The Electrics
428.The Glory Hounds
429.The Irish Reds
430.The Bamboo Stars
431.The Holy Pucks
432.The Muskoka Islanders
433.The Georgetown Fireantz
434.The Dynamic
435.The Hammerheads
436.The Zumbrota Martians
437.The Greenway Savages
438.The Yavin Rebels
439.The Elbalt
440.The Olean Arrows
441.The Destruction Idols
442.The Jaguars Of Darkness
443.The thorms
444.The Teals
445.The Gatineau Shadows
446.The Stormz
447.The hip checkers
448.The Night's Watch
449.The MN Gophers
450.The Joe Flaccos
451.The Blue Ball Jobbers
452.The Brooks Flames
453.The Punxsutawney Hacks
454.The Golden Jokers
455.The Elements
456.The Montreal Blades
457.The BlackOilers
458.The Mississauga Wolves
459.The Crazy Canuckleheads
460.The PacMen
461.The Devlin Point Foxes
462.The barbershop nigeria
463.The WCU Golden Rams
464.The Addleham flames
465.The Tree Dews
466.The Bottom Division Club
467.The Bowmanville Bees
468.The Asgardians
469.The Kokanee Cheifs
470.The Las Vegas Lobsters
471.The Red Things
472.The Dubuque River Rats
473.The Kummosterns
474.The Dutch Crusaders
475.The Detroit Drive
476.The Pennybridge Pioneers
477.The Long Island Knightz
478.The Charlie Rae b0n3s
479.The Birmingham Bulls
480.The Montreal Impact
481.The Thottawa Hoes
482.The Syracuse Crunch
483.The Mighty Booshes
484.The 412 Pens
485.The Trolley Tracks
486.The Bong Hitters
487.The Haxballs
488.The Burnaby Bulldogs
489.The Dodge City Outlaws
490.The Nightmare Blazers
491.The Crazy Canucks
492.The Alfies
493.The Vipers
494.The San Francisco Bulls
495.The Geauxt Herd
496.The Dirty Sanch's
497.The Northstars
498.The Breackneck Bluegills
499.The Yotsuba Lifestyle
500.The Fuzzy Sharks

 The Latest Trades, Signings, and More

SteveRousseau: Quel avenir pour Mcquiggan?
Le capitaine des Stormz est maintenant age de 32 ans et son contrat viendra a échéance dans 3 saisons. Deja comparer a Frederik Villansenor, Mcquiggan n'a jamais été capable de répondre aux attentes de lorganisation ne cumulant que 724 points en 884 matchs.

Avec un salaire de 7,5 millions par année, plusieurs pense qu'il ne terminera pas sa carrière avec les Stormz

1 day, 14 hours ago | Stormz

SteveRousseau: Vandusen s'amène avec les Stormz avec un rôle bien précis
Les Stormz ont procédés à une transaction aujourd'hui en échangeant leurs choix de troisième ronde contre deux espoirs de bas fond et Joe Vandusen

Vandusen en est a sa deuxième saison d'éligibilité en MHL mais il fait sa route dans les mineurs depuis étant dans une équipe de Ligue 5.

Son mandat sera bien différent avec les Stormz car il risque de ce retrouver comme 6 ème et 7 ème défenseur.

1 day, 16 hours ago | Stormz

SteveRousseau: Balasco s'amène avec le Stormz
Le DG des Stormz a fait son premier mouvement de personnel de l'année. Le gardien partant Duane Smirnov a prit le route de Québec tandis que Brock Balasco rejoint les Stormz.

1 day, 20 hours ago | Stormz

SteveRousseau: Une brigade forte en expérience
Cette année nous aurons l'occasion de voir à l'oeuvre la brigade des défensives des Stormz qui est composer de 5 défenseurs réguliers qui n'ont jamais porter un autre chandail que celui du bleu et blanc.
Plus précisément elle sera composer de:
Krugel (609 matchs)
Jahns (884 matchs)
Vacheri (431 machs)
Azocar (331 matchs)

1 day, 21 hours ago | Stormz

SteveRousseau: Personnel d'entraineur pour la prochaine saison
Les Stormz ont annoncer l'équipe d'entraîneur pour la prochaine saison qui approche a grand pas
HC: Mark Gullatte
OC: Gilbert Chappelaer
DC: Joe Gatsby

2 days, 17 hours ago | Stormz

hesston92: Larks announce coaching changes

Curtis Tierce announced his plans to retire at the end of the next season of the Hesston Larks hockey club, and in return he earned a promotion.

“This is unexpected and kind of nuts, but I am pretty honored,” Tierce said.

Friday Tierce was announced as the next head coach of the Larks.

Tierce has coached in MetroHo for 24 years. This will be year 25. Up to now, he has been an assistant coach dedicated to offense.

“Curtis was one our first hires when we started 15 seasons ago,” said Hesston92, owner and general manager of the Larks. “He has been incredible, in my opinion, the entire length of his tenure. Like fine wine, he was gotten better and better with age.”

Hesston92 said after evaluating the market for possible head coaches, handing the keys to Tierce “just made sense.”

“We looked at candidates from all over. We looked at former players. In the end, with where the club is at this time financially and with player development, it makes sense to give Tierce a chance to be a head coach — even if he only serves for one year.”

Tierce has made it clear he intends on only coaching that one year.

The Larks announced the hiring of Duane Stooksbury as an offensive coach. Stooksbury comes to the Larks with 10 years experience as a offensive coach.

1 week ago | Hesston Larks

hesston92: Strater demoted

Close watchers of the transactions wire for the Hesston Larks noticed something last night — that top line forward Oleg Strater was sent to the farm and placed on waivers.

"We're working at restructuring this team right now," said general manager Hesston92. "We're in the off season, meaning there is no risk of losing (Strater) to another team if things we are working on do not pan out."

Strater, a sniper, played one season for the Larks — appearing in 72 games and scoring 28 goals to go with 33 assists.

"I'm not overly happy with that," Strater said. "But it is what it is. I'm not very excited about being on waivers or possibly being waved around as trade bait, but this is the business we are in. I want to be back in Hesston, and I want to show them all I can do.

1 week, 2 days ago | Hesston Larks

hesston92: With their backs against the wall, the Hesston Larks needed someone to step up with a big game to keep the team’s playoff dreams alive.

Down 3-2 in a best-of-seven series, the Larks looked to net minder Chris Hind for leadership — and the veteran responded with one his best playoff performances ever. Hind made 23 saves and collected first-star honors in a 3-0 Lark victory.

“We needed this, and I needed to be at my best for the team,” Hind said. “We knew we needed to force a game seven against these guys. Every game against the SJs this year has been a battle.”

The shutout is just Hind’s second career shutout in the playoffs. He has appeared in 15 playoff games, six of those this season.

Milford Pelis was named second star after a two point performance — the forward collected both a goal and an assist. Third star Richard Been collected two assists, both in the second period.

The series, now tied 3-3, goes back to the SJ’s home ice.

“This is the ultimate game seven, really,” said Bradley Milonas, coach of the Larks. “In the regular season we split the series 4-4.”

2 months, 1 week ago | Hesston Larks

DavidTheDrummer: Congratulations to Metalloids' captain Nikolai Puhuyaoma on playing his 1000th game with the team. Originally drafted with the 6th overall pick, Puhuyaoma has spent his entire career with the Metalloids. Over the course of his career, he became the team's all-time leading scorer. He has also earned the status of arguably the best captain in franchise history, captaining the team during 12 seasons, and earning 2 Leader's Torch awards in the process. His biggest achievements are without a doubt the 2 Metro Cups he captured with the team. With all of these milestones, it is without question that #75 will one day be hanging from the rafters at the IOC Centre.
2 months, 1 week ago | CSI Metalloids

DavidTheDrummer: Superb performance by Metalloids' defenseman Kyle Gudgel, who registered four goals and added an assist in the Game 1 of the playoffs. The Metalloids lead 1-0 thanks to his great game!
3 months, 2 weeks ago | CSI Metalloids

  • The Longhorns of Ottawa claimed Goalie Sang Calway off waivers.

  • The Trolley Tracks released Defenseman Claude Exford from team contact.

  • The Bathurst Bruins claimed Forward Alexander Johnson off waivers.

  • The Kirkland Duffers signed Forward Steven Duffee, a draft pick of theirs, to a 7-season contract worth $400,000 per season.

  • The Kirkland Duffers signed Forward Sidney Destine, a draft pick of theirs, to a 7-season contract worth $400,000 per season.

  • The Kirkland Duffers signed Goalie Robert Skorski, a draft pick of theirs, to a 8-season contract worth $1,500,000 per season.

  • The Arena of Dreams released Defenseman Michael Cardiel from team contact.

  • The Arena of Dreams released Forward Luigi Wallinger from team contact.

  • The Arena of Dreams released Forward Chad Haefele from team contact.

  • The Arena of Dreams released Goalie Scott Ordeneaux from team contact.

  • The Tavistock Braves signed Defenseman Yanic Quinoes, a draft pick of theirs, to a 1-season contract worth $800,000 per season.

  • The 89 Flames signed Forward Michael Bostock, a draft pick of theirs, to a 1-season contract worth $400,000 per season.

  • The Sasha Stoners signed Defenseman Claude Munkberg, a draft pick of theirs, to a 7-season contract worth $400,000 per season.

  • The Sasha Stoners released Forward Kris Lazorenko from team contact.

  • The Sasha Stoners released Defenseman Lance Nolde from team contact.

  • The Sasha Stoners released Forward Sidney Rizzuto from team contact.

  • The Sasha Stoners released Forward Adalberto Vasconcellos from team contact.

  • The Kerfuffles signed Defenseman Wade Quito, a draft pick of theirs, to a 1-season contract worth $400,000 per season.

  • The Kerfuffles signed Defenseman Dimitri Markley, a draft pick of theirs, to a 1-season contract worth $800,000 per season.

  • The Canines traded a 3rd round draft pick to The Mighty Booshes for Goalie John Blutarsky, Forward Josef Rittle, and Forward Rory Martt.

  • Forward Radek Nobile of The Carolina Frozen Heels retired at the age of 38 and has been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

  • Defenseman Henrik Lasanta of The Nuclear Attack retired at the age of 37 and has been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

  • Defenseman Denis Iannotti of The blades of life retired at the age of 36.

  • Forward Adalberto Holstege retired at the age of 36 and has been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

  • Forward Abram Messmore retired at the age of 35.

  • Forward Randall Faherty of The Kingston Blod Corgys retired at the age of 35.

  • Defenseman Shayne Cebula of The blades of life retired at the age of 34.

  • Defenseman Patrick Soden retired at the age of 33.

  • Forward Marty Hanft retired at the age of 33.

  • Defenseman Vyacheslav Soratos retired at the age of 33.

  • Forward Rhett Warchol retired at the age of 33.

  • Forward Pk Nivison of The Ragers retired at the age of 32.

  • Forward John Hausam retired at the age of 31.

  • Forward Chad Broda retired at the age of 31.

  • Defenseman Nikita Mcreynolds retired at the age of 31.

  • Forward Ben Genuario retired at the age of 31.

  • Forward Norberto Poeppel retired at the age of 31.

  • Defenseman Brian Barkan of The Kingston Blod Corgys retired at the age of 30.

  • Forward Erasmo Rycroft retired at the age of 30.

  • Forward Dominick Bari retired at the age of 30.

  • Forward Nick Quaife retired at the age of 30.

  • Defenseman Jefferson Sedano of The Redcoats retired at the age of 30.

  • Goalie Ales Lockard retired at the age of 30.

  • Forward Robert Larrow retired at the age of 30.

  • Forward Moshe Yakushev retired at the age of 30.

  • Forward Maurice Dance retired at the age of 29.

  • Defenseman Sergei Paquin retired at the age of 29.

  • Forward Scott Haydock retired at the age of 29.

  • Forward Garth Fero of The blades of life retired at the age of 29.

  • Forward Adrian Zurek retired at the age of 29.

  • Forward James Schueler retired at the age of 29.

  • Forward Frantisek Bunnell retired at the age of 29.

  • Forward Janne Brandon retired at the age of 28.

  • Forward Denis Tino retired at the age of 28.

  • Defenseman Marion Damour retired at the age of 28.

  • Forward Brendan Ruda of The Parkland Strays retired at the age of 28.

  • Forward Brett Hackett of The blades of life retired at the age of 28.

  • Forward Adam Chitwood retired at the age of 28.

  • The Golden Nuggets re-signed Goalie Alex Skuse, a restricted free agent of theirs. The contract is a 1-season deal worth $400,000 per season.

  • The Androids signed Goalie Patrik Macarthur, an unrestricted free agent. The contract is a 1-season deal worth $410,000 per season.

  • The flyers88 signed Defenseman Kenneth Heyman, an unrestricted free agent. The contract is a 2-season deal worth $400,000 per season.

  • The Kansas Hawkeyes signed Goalie Burt Ty, an unrestricted free agent. The contract is a 5-season deal worth $400,000 per season.

  • The Stormz signed Goalie Patrice Gamble, an unrestricted free agent. The contract is a 1-season deal worth $500,000 per season.

  • The 89 Flames re-signed Defenseman Patrick Rottman, a restricted free agent of theirs. The contract is a 8-season deal worth $400,000 per season.

  • The 89 Flames re-signed Forward Mario Clowe, a restricted free agent of theirs. The contract is a 8-season deal worth $400,000 per season.

  • The 89 Flames re-signed Defenseman Riccardo Lucchesi, a restricted free agent of theirs. The contract is a 8-season deal worth $400,000 per season.

  • The Stormz signed Defenseman Mathieu Benbow, an unrestricted free agent. The contract is a 1-season deal worth $800,000 per season.

  • The Stormz signed Forward Radek Fougere, an unrestricted free agent. The contract is a 1-season deal worth $820,000 per season.

  • The Seattle Thunder Birds re-signed Goalie Cliff Gabriak, an unrestricted free agent of theirs. The contract is a 2-season deal worth $1,000,000 per season.

  • The Trojan Horses re-signed Forward Maxim Christophe, a restricted free agent of theirs. The contract is a 8-season deal worth $800,000 per season.

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    You start off by creating your own team which will consist of 15 forwards, 8 defensemen, and 3 goalies, each with their own age and skill level. Next, you sign these players and other free agents to your team while staying under the $65 Million salary cap. Once you're ready, join a league.

    Public Leagues consist of 10 teams in a season that lasts 20 days. Your team will play each of the league's other teams 8 times for a season total of 72 games. Half the games will be played at home, while the rest will be played on the road. The advantage of home games is that you can manually start the game any time during its scheduled day. This is a key feature of METROHO, as during a home game simulation, you can select the lines you want for each round.

    If you can't find a league you like, you can create your own league of 10 or 15 teams. Leagues can even be made private so that only your friends can join!

    The top 8 teams in a league's standings, after the season is over, advance to the playoffs, following a one day hiatus. Playoffs involve three series with each series being a best of 3, 5, or 7 (depending on your league's settings) to determine the league's champion. Playoffs last nine days. This means that once your team joins a league, the league's season and playoffs will last a grand total of 30 days.

    Competition is fierce as there are both team and player awards to be won, not to mention the bragging rights that go with a large fan base. All teams start off in Level One and strive for promotion into higher level leagues which feature progressively bigger trophies.

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