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Injuries & Playing Hurt

Injuries occur upon login. If you don't login, they occur at reset (12 AM server time). When a player gets hurt, they are either forced to sit out a set amount of games (an injury) or play at a disadvantage (hurt-but-playable).

Players that are injured can sometimes have their injury time be reduced by the team doctor (click "My Team," then "Staff"). Likewise, players that are hurt-but-playable can sometimes have their ill time be reduced by the athletic therapist.

Players that are hurt/ill can play, but 5 points will be deducted from their rating while they are ill. Ill players do not have a higher risk of getting injured by playing while ill.

Once a player is injured and are too unhealthy to play, they are automatically taken out of your lineup. It is up to you to edit your lineup to your liking before you play your home games. If another team plays you either (including shinny games and Medallion games), your lineup will automatically be refilled for you. Many players find this annoying so make sure you attend to your lineup as soon as you see a player got injured.

These services are costly (credits), but are well worth it, especially there isn't a satisfactory replacement.

It is important to remember to put your injured players back in the lineup once they are healthy again. It is a common mistake for players to forget to put their once injured players back in the lineup.

There are no injuries or illnesses during playoffs. Players can only get injured while playing in leagues, not the Medallion or shinny games.

Even though players don't get injured from Medallion games, if a player can't play a Medallion game, that game will count as part of their injury time. Shinny games do not count towards injury time.

Example: Player A is injured for 3 games. If Player A's team plays a Medallion game, Player A's injury time will be reduced to 2 games.
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