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Games use 5-on-5 hockey. This means that, at full strength (no penalties and goalie in the net), your team will have 3 forwards and 2 defensemen on the ice.

Your lineup will determine which forwards play together (on the same line) and which defensemen play together (in the same pairing).
    Note: Forwards cannot play as defensemen and defensemen cannot play as forwards.

If a spot in your lineup is filled, the player's name will appear linking to their profile, with their rating underneath and, underneath that, their style (italicized).

The ice-time each line and pairing gets is determined by how many rounds (minutes) of play they are assigned which can be edited in "Settings" (right navigation).
    Note: Don't forget to fill in your starting goalie and backup goalie!

If any spot in your lineup is unfilled and either you begin to play a game or another team begins to play you, your entire lineup will be automatically filled by the computer. It is a good idea, then, to check your lineup before each game you play to make sure any holes (from an injury or a completed trade) are filled.

There are no designated power play or penalty killing lines or pairings. If a home game is played round-by-round, you will get to choose which lines and pairings are used for power plays and penalty kills, otherwise lines and pairings be sent out in accordance to your assistant coach settings*.

Don't be afraid to edit your lines and pairings as well as your ice-time distribution. Finding the best combinations is one of the biggest challenges in the game.

Donators have the ability to save lineups so that they can switch between different lineups with ease. This allows for easier experimentation and editing after injuries and trades.

* Power play and penalty kill units for road games or games not simmed manually
Once you hire an offensive coach, you can change your power play units by clicking "My Team" -> "Staff" -> Power Play (under offensive coach).

Once you hire a defensive coach, you can change your penalty kill units by clicking "My Team" -> "Staff" -> Penalty Kill (under defensive coach).

The default setting is for random lines and pairings to be sent out on a power play or penalty kill.

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